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A 🌊 of cinnamon rolls in downtown Red Oak. Join us for a great market + the Southwest Art Tour + fall open houses! ...

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Good morning from downtown Red Oak 😉.... let’s petition for a cinnamon roll emoji! ...

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We’re having a sale on Kale at tomorrow’s farmers market, $1 a bag not only because we have LOADS of it but also because it’s our 1 year wedding anniversary! 👫❤️

Come see us, we’ll also have, cinnamon rolls, gluten-free muffins, peppers, beets, pea shoots, and more! Plus there will be live music downtown! What’s not to love about that. #redoakiowa

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We will be at today’s Saturday market in Red Oak with cinnamon rolls, GF zucchini muffins, radish microgreens, eggs, and maybe a little more.

We have some fun ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned... it might be a little while, but it’ll be worth it.

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💡 Thoughts from Anna 💡

With all the kitchen gadgets there are in the world, it's easy to overlook how useful and versatile our hands are. With kale we like to strip the greens from its stem and cook it various ways. We enjoy cooking kale in a pan with eggs and other vegetables and meat to make a hash/frittata 👌 our favorite.

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Why buy toys when you can grow them? 🌱👶😺 Both Adler and BB seem really interested in this LARGE kohlrabi.

The Saturday market went great today! Sounds like we'll be getting another producer vendor. 😊We'll have to bake even more cinnamon rolls next week!

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